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Published: 28th February 2009
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We have all been there, a fight or argument ensues, voices are raised, and things are said that really aren't meant-well you might think you meant them, but your partner doesn't, they want an apology. In the end of it all, it doesn't really matter if you were right or wrong or if your sweetie was right or wrong. What you now face is how to say you're sorry. A romantic poem to say Im sorry is always a good idea.

Okay, we know, you are saying to yourself, "I'm no poet," or "what's a poem?" No one is asking you to be a poet like Byron, but with a little effort, you could try to make a short rhyme. Let's change "short" to "little," because with most of you out there, we know that "short" is a one-sentence poem-you will need a "little" more than that.

To write your poem, not the ones below, think about your spouse or partner and what they mean to you. Think really hard and, yes, we know, you love their curvy figure or handsome stance and all that stuff, but try to leave the sexy stuff out of your poem.

Next, don't think about the argument itself and try to write a poem about it. You won't get real far with that and end up with another fight. Finally, don't type your poem on a computer and print it out. Yes, you can practice your poem and make changes for ease on the computer, but when you've got it right-handwrite it!

Your wife, husband or sweetie will love you forever for anything handwritten and you can bet that years from now when you are both cleaning out the attic, your poem will most likely be pressed in a book, or if they are really crazy about you-laminated forever, with many copies! Let's take a look at a good example of a "little" romantic poem to say Im sorry.

When I think of what you mean to me,

And how much that you do,

I know when I've been not so nice,

Especially to you.

I want you to be my sweetheart,

Forever-at any cost.

I apologize for what I said,

Without you, I'd be lost.

After that, a simple handwritten, "I love you," will work. It's not hard to think of ways to say you're sorry in a romantic poem and we've only given you the basics here. If you really want to wow your sweetie with the intensity of how much they mean to you, do try to say something about your relationship. Here's another example:

I love your hair, your nose, your eyes,

I know you best, I know your wise.

I know you know when I am wrong,

I'm sorry and apologize.

If I could pick out just one day,

To tell you what is true,

It would be the day I write this down,

With a simple, heartfelt, I love you.

This can really touch any heart because you are mentioning how much you love their attributes, how wise they are, and that you know that they know, that pretty much-you are wrong.

Remember, when writing a romantic poem to say Im sorry, try not to think of how your partner might look like her Aunt Dot or his Uncle Fred in twenty years. In your heart, you know you love them or you wouldn't be with them, right? Even if you can't answer this last question with total sincerity, if you do need to apologize, do it in a poem-they'll love you forever for just trying.

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