Questions To Ask Your Boyfriend

Published: 30th September 2008
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Even if you think you know him well, this is the reality: your boyfriend equals mystery. There is so much that you actually do not now about him that the questions to ask are a lot, specific and possibly intimate. You'll be surprised.

The fact is that not every boyfriend will be willing answer your questions for the reason being that they might be hard to confess.

Sometimes, it is hard speak about the past of anything that could interfere with the present relationship and make it change in the future.

A few good examples of questions to ask your boyfriend might be:

Who are your ex girlfriends, (if any) and what made the relationship end as it did?
What have you learned form life that makes you who you are today?
What are your plans (goals) for the future?

Questioning about his personal life experiences (both public and private) are what going to reveal an important part of who your boyfriend actually is.

When it comes to more serious and delicate questioning, you might want to ask about his best kept secrets. These deep questions usually have to do with his more intimate side and they are more likely to be considered the "hard questions".

This is the side that not everybody would like to speak about because they have to do more with the truth, and sometimes, the truth hurts. He wouldn't be keeping secrets just for the fun of it.

The answers to these types of questions (get to know you questions) can really help you see how your boyfriend has changed over the years (who was he back then, who is he now, and how he might be in the future).

Any other interesting questions to ask your boyfriend will depend on many other things such as: the relationship itself, the personal interest of each, etc, and these questions can vary from being romantic, to silly or just to simply ask.

The 100 questions to ask your boyfriend might influence other positive or negative factors that can possibly change the relationship for better or worse depending on the reaction of both to the answers of those questions.

If true love and understanding exist with in the relationship, it is more likely to accept all of the positive and negative responses that you might react to. If love and understanding does not exist, then there is a higher chance for the relationship to have future problems and conflicts.
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