Poem to say Goodbye

Published: 05th January 2009
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In certain situations, saying goodbye can be a very tough experience. Mainly because we notice their presence through their absence, and we realize what we did not when they were present.

Human beings have the tendency of behaving with the famous saying: "you don't know what you have until you loose it". Many people who say goodbye don't have this in mind when taking that action and end up realizing that they actually miss that person when time passes by.

That is when they also notice that the more time we spend with a person, the more our life and personality gets molded with their own. This leads us to see the power that relationships are capable of producing in the life of a human being.

In a intimate relationship, long term distance can be a synonym of emotional agony. "I miss you" are the feelings that revolve around us while time itself turns into a silent and desperate call for the presence of our significant other.

The following is a short and funny goodbye sample letter/poem that can give an idea of what many people go through in a similar situation of saying goodbye because of long distance and time:

My two eyes are red, My feelings are blue,
I can't sleep in bed, cause I will miss you.

If you don't miss me, then something is wrong,
cause my heart is sweet; that's were you belong.

Your distance is far, my passion is close,
both feelings are hard, and make my chest choke.

My Goodbye hurts today, because your farewell is tomorrow,
but tomorrow's farewell is nothing, compared to today's sorrow.

Goodbye sample letters are not easily to write because each situation is different, however, the above poem can be able to fit in many cases since it has a general point of view.
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